mobile detailing


At CAR & R, we want you to Rest and Relax and let us pamper and beautify your car, truck, bike, RV, boat or even your airplane. Because we are mobile, we can do all this at your home, office, marina, campsite, or hangar. CAR & R’s professional mobile technicians have been trained and certified in the use of the best polishes, waxes, and ceramic coatings. 

Because we know how hectic and demanding life can be, our experienced CAR & R staff works efficiently to quickly produce an impressive result…. And because we understand how important your investment is, we use only our own custom, high-end professional products on your vehicle. 

No matter what service you’re looking for, CAR & R guarantees to not only meet, but also exceed your expectations and ensure your full satisfaction from our mobile detailing team of passionate, car detailing experts.

Our CAR & R team is up for virtually every job; whether it’s a basic wash, full detail, high-end ceramic coating or Window Tinting, our mobile experts are ready to assist you.

Please get in touch and check back on the CAR & R website frequently to learn more about our company, custom services, and team, as well as updates to the Florida counties we service. You can also see what we plan to add to our portfolio of mobile services in the future. Here’s a clue to what we will soon offer in addition to cleaning and detailing services: Do you hate wasting time and energy to get your oil changed or have new tires installed? There’s no need to interrupt your busy day. Soon, you will be able to relax, work, or watch the kids as our Ca(R) & R mobile technicians come to you to change your oil or install new tires.


CAR + R services Central Florida.  Please contact us to see if we service your town. 

We service cars, trucks, bikes, RVs, boats, and even airplanes. In addition to private clients, we also offer service to fleet and corporate office buildings.


Scheduling is as simple as making an appointment on our website or calling 386-307-8818. For your peace of mind, we will always let you know in advance the name of the technician who will service your vehicle.  


You may request for your service to be 100% zero contact. Your technician will call or text upon arrival; you can tell them where you left your keys. The technician will service your vehicle and disinfect your keys before putting them back. You can pay directly from your phone.

We look forward to helping you get some of your own R & R while we give your vehicle some CAR & R!


CAR & R began as a family business. As busy transplants from the Northeastern US, we understand the value of carving out time in our days to work and care for our family, our home, and ourselves. As working parents, we have used mobile services to do as much as we can from grooming our dog as we worked from home to cleaning our motorhome while we were on vacation. We want our clients to have the opportunity to do the same.

CAR & R was created as an alternative to the traditional necessary, but time-consuming task of cleaning and servicing cars, trucks, RVs, motorcycles, and boats. We believe that days are too short to get everything done, and our clients shouldn’t have to sacrifice what little leisure time they have to accomplish these tasks. That’s why we created CAR & R to check these errands off clients’ lists and allow them to tend to those things they hold dear: family, home, fun, and relaxation. By having our qualified technicians give clients’ cars needed CAR & R, we give those same clients the chance to have their own R + R.